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Lets make a journey to the cave of monsters. Good luck


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SEUCK games often lived up to the unfortunate acronym, but there were a few interesting games made with it even though it had its limits. But good games come from creative designers and SEUCK did allow people to design some enjoyable titles. Yes, there are examples of far more technically impressive games on the ST than the handful of decent SEUCK games, and these were often created by genius programmers, but when it comes to enjoyable or interesting gameplay they often completely flopped. Really though, I don't the Jaguar fans are ready for a SEUCK onslaught just yet ;-)

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I've decided to release this because I don't think I'll be working on it much more. It's still got one or two small issues:


  • there is a bit of flicker on the text in the middle of the screen but that corrects itself)
  • sometimes the music gets stuck on the wrong tune

To Do:


  • Implement the above fixes!
  • Import sh3-rg's custom graphics set and also add the new levels found on the internet.


Some notes:


This is not a 'port' in the sense that the source code was available. This is the Jaguar running the ST binary directly, with all the patches made to the binary before execution.


I'm occasionally coming back to this, but I'm rapidly losing interest in working on it. Requires to be run from ROM, so emulator or Skunkboard, or Jagtopus (for the lucky few) or slow-as-snails Atari Flash Cart only.


Albert has kindly given me permission to host this here on AA.


This version for personal use only - use on emulator, skunk or other device

Not for redistribution, duplication, copying "for a favour", charing for "media only", charging for "handling only", not for selling out of a backwater website or the boot of your car, etc. etc.
Personal use means you, the person who downloaded this from Atari Age and nobody else.
Here's the goods!
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Neat port :)


It's far more interesting than a simple port, it's actually the ST game running on the Jaguar, emulating the ST's bitplane screen (was originally using s routine by GroovyBee but now using one by Orion and optimised by SCPCD). That's only a small fraction of what is needed to get it working, there's a feature on the Reboot site by CJ that explains much more in a nice simple way: http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/redirection.html

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Yeah. This is much better. While my best friend had Bubble Bobble on NES I had to deal with the DOS version at home. Only took about 20 some years but I've finally got a proper version!


That whole ST conversion thing still makes me think about ideas too big for my brain. Like somehow modifying GFA BASIC to create binaries compatible with your framework for Bubble Bobble.

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