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Lets make a journey to the cave of monsters. Good luck


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Bubble Bobble!!!! Like THE game of my youth and then some.

Never took to Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble just bloody worked.The 2 Player game for myself and then best mate Lee Beverage.
Seeing this and all the other old games i so fondly remember, it's enough to make me openly weep salty tears of joy.




This is a fun game. Thanks again CJ

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One day I'll fix the sound. Promise.


Today is one day.


Completely re-done, using SCPCD's '3rd generation' screen copy routine, ZeroSquare's SoundEngine (muLaw samples!) and pad input routines, and the latest versions of my ST wrapper routines, here is Bubble Bobble (again!) that doesn't sound like a cat being dragged thru a wood chipper underwater.


Oh, also put the original title pic back in ;)





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