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Lets make a journey to the cave of monsters. Good luck


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This is very nice CyranoJ, thanks!!


With the original BB the 2-player mode doesn't work for me.

With arcade BB the second player can join in, but his dragon keeps on jumping.


Hmm yes, it does appear to be a bit wonky - do you have a second pad connected to port 2?

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OK, Fixed the 2nd pad issue ! :)


Also discovered that when you get a secret room or an E-X-T-E-N-D it loads pictures from the floppy disk, namely:


post-11520-0-42376300-1434257422_thumb.png and post-11520-0-35517000-1434257431_thumb.png


Well, these are now included.


Also cleaned up all the audio loops (I think) and well, now calling this one a wrap unless someone finds something else broken. I've wanted to get this one 'just right' because it's the first one I got running years ago.

Bubble Bobble Arcade.rom

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