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Scrabble (1984 TV game show)


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I wonder if Eduardo would try to make a port of the classic crossword game, Scrabble, with the kind of rules as based on the 1984-90 (and from January-June 1993) NBC TV game show of the same name hosted by Chuck Woolery? During the end credits, the announcer says over the credit scroll "... this program is based on the Scrabble brand crossword game."



This idea is influenced by the NES ports of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, both of which were adapted from the two respective successful syndicated game shows.


However, do you folks believe this game show adaptation could be viable as a 32K ROM cartridge, or as an ADAM DDP, or even as an ADAM 5-1/4" 160K floppy disk?



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Well, the ADAM Computer versions of Family Feud and Jeopardy were the first to make an appearance on any computer that I know of and Coleco had plans to develop other games based on other TV gameshows like Wheel of Fortune and The Price if Right to name two.


So, it would make sense to try to eventually adapt another one, but not sure how well greeted they would be by the community.


BTW, an ADAM version of Wheel of Fortune was eventually developed and released by Reedy Software and it was called Phrase Craze.

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I love Scrabble and I wish NBC would bring that show back (Along with Sale of the Century) but I rather see Scrabble on a new gen console than the colecovision with the approprite music & sfx.


Also Colecofan1981 if you have a jones to play Scrabble bigjonpcgames.com made one for the PC about 4 years ago that is pretty fun and someone on the forums made a great question pack.


and if you want to host your own scrabble game there's a OK version of that here http://www.qwizx.com...rols/index.html


there have been a couple other homebrew versions of scrabble but I can't remember where they are but imho I think there are better platforms for Scrabble than the colecovison

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A little tidbit: Did you know that Selchow & Righter released one video game cartridge? It's called Glib and it was released in 1983 for the Atari 2600/Sears Video Arcade.



If only this particular game had both taken off and was ported to other consoles and computer systems, then (just) maybe a Scrabble game could've been released by S&R.



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