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SIC! 31 in 1 cartridge


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Here's a way to store 31 cartridges in one SIC! cart.


sic31in1.zip contains an example cartridge image.


sic31in1-source.zip contains all source material so anybody can build their one custom cart.


Cartridge images need to be 16kB or 8kB. The 8kB ones need to be padded with zeroes up to 16kB.

Next you can edit sic.m65 to match the right names and bank selection bytes. These range from $01 to $1f, add $20 for 16kB roms.

Next, assemble with atasm -r sic.m65

To build the final SIC! rom, concatenate empty8k.rom, sic.bin and all rom images.

On Linux you can simply use cat and I believe window's cmd.exe has copy /b file + file + file dest







Edit: all code can be used freely in case somebody wants to make a GUI based ROM builder. Also, use OPTION/SELECT to select the game you want, press START to run.



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