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That game looks like it could be done in C language fairly easely.


EDIT: And if I were to pick an Atari 2600 game to make a Coleco conversion of, I would pick something else than Glib. I would be more likely to pick something like Tax Avoiders, Shark Attack, Math Grand Prix, Frankenstein's Monster or some other obscure 2600 title.

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Sounds like a candidate for an EXTREMELY limited release...somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 copy. :lolblue:


I own that game for the 2600 and honestly, I only bought it because it was available to me for a great price. IMHO, it isn't that special of a game. You might as well just drop it on a harmony cart, play it on the 2600 and call it a day. The graphics, if ported to the Coleco, won't need to be greatly improved for gameplay sake, so I can't really see the reason to do so. Just my 2 cents...

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I don't understand what's going on in the game, and for that reason, I'm out (if you've ever seen Dragon's Den or I think Shark Tank, this might make sense).


edit: 1497 posts. 3 more and I'd be at 50% of J-F's total. If I stopped editing previous posts and just added a second post, I'd be a lot closer. ;)

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35 more to make it to 2,000 posts... well actually after this one only 34 more!


Anyhow, this would be an easy game for me to progra in ADAM's SmartBASIC. It probably wouldn't require more than 10K of program code and then the graphics could be done up rather nicely and improved considerably over the 2600 version with the ADAM programs PowerPAINT, SpritePower and FontPower. Then add in some background music outputting through Coleco's sound chip and or the ADAM Midi-Mite Interface.


As far as a CV version, I think it would have to be included on a cart wit a number of other similar games to draw the interest of potential purchasers


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