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Good price reductions on some retro items.


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Phew, well sandys out of the way now and the electrics back on. Now back to business. HAve some stuff for sale, some new, some you have seen before, prices are set to move stuff. If you need this stuff and are not willing to pay the prices Im listing on most this stuff.....well your probably not going to get it unless you stumble on it at a pawn shop or yard sale.

Prices are shipped to the US. International members contact me about shipping. First to pay is the first to get the item as always. Thanks. Must spend $10.


Rare MGS Zippo, only handed out to people who had something to do with the game from what I understand. $125 OBO. I have more pics as well.


Insanely Mint, still has most of wrapper on box, all inserts and baggie. Game looks like it was never played. Last copy with all inserts that was less mint went for $55 plus shipping. I will do $45 shipped!


Mario Kart $12 Mystic Quest $10 Mario is Missing $8 Marios Time Machine $8 Jurrasic Park $5 Madden $2 Those prices are each.



Sealed and gradeable. $33 shipped


Both great copies. The sticker should come off faxandu. $19 on Double Dragon. Faxandu SOLD.


Both complete $8 on warhammer $16 on Jade


Pac Man $sold Ghost and Goblins $sold Narc $5 Would like to sell Zelda and Link sold would like to sell mario 1-2-3 set for $21 shipped


Banjo Tooie $15 shipped Mario 2 $10 shipped


Spy v Spy boxed $10 Golf Boxed $5


Gauntlet with all papers $16 shipped. Great copy.


DD boxed $5 MK Complete $6 Heavyweights complete $8



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