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Birthday Mania - Unwrapped


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  • 10 months later...

It's been awhile since I've had any news to share, but I made some progress today. I talked with a very helpful person at the copyright office and my request is officially in the queue. Money has changed hands and the minimum turnaround they would promise is 15 weeks. That puts it right around Christmas or the beginning of January at the earliest.

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I was pleasently surprised last weekend when a package arrived from the copyright office. I quickly opened it and found copies of the manual and computer code. The manual is 4 pages and appears to just be a sheet folded in half.


Picture of the front and back cover:



Picture of the inside pages:



It took awhile to get the computer code into a text file and Thomas used his excellent skills to turn it into a playable ROM.


There were notes in the documents that Mr. Tokar intended to port this game to other video game systems, which I'm sure he abandoned after selling only around 10 copies.


There is still work to be done, but it looks like this project officially has legs now.

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The title screen has some garbage above the message, probably just a place holder. There is space for ~2 rows above and below the message. The width is only 40 pixel.


At the beginning the candles come with big vertical gaps, later on it gets more intense and you have to prepared to miss some.


Here are some screenshots (the last one shows game over):






Edited by Thomas Jentzsch
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