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FujiSkunk's New FS/FT Thread


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FujiSkunk's stuff for sale!


Prices do not include shipping. Crossed out items are pending.


First, some specific items:


* * *




Interest Check: Productivity Software for the Commodore Amiga


Word processor Final Copy II, and a host of artwork and image editing tools: Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Paint III, Professional Draw, DigiPaint 3, DigiWorks 3D, Modeler 3D. These were thrift store rescues, saved from a trip to the dumpster. As far as I can tell, they are all complete-in-box, but I do not currently have any way of testing them. Ping if you want 'em.


* * *




Atari 2600 Crackpots - Multilingual Instructions - $1


* * *




Atari 2600 TRON Deadly Disks - Black and White Instructions - $1


* * *




Atari 2600 Pole Position - Atari Corp. Cartridge and Box (no manual) - $2


Box has heavy creasing along the edges. In other words, it got smushed. Cartridge and label are in great shape.


* * *


post-6115-0-13527700-1352082063_thumb.jpg post-6115-0-92799600-1352082069_thumb.jpg


Atari 2600 Casino - Original Atari Inc. Cartridge, Instructions and Box - $4


Box has some shelf wear, but is in great shape for its age, as are the cartridge (text label) and manual (black cover).


* * *




Intellivision Zaxxon - Cartridge and Manual - $9


The cartridge label is in very good condition. The manual has some speckling on the cover, but otherwise is in good shape.


* * *




Sega Genesis Power Base Converter - $12


Play Sega Master System games on your Genesis. The cartridge slot cover is missing, and there is writing in marker on the underside. Works flawlessly.


* * *


And now, my shelves full of stuff to sell, or trade. Pics are admittedly rather low-quality, but they get enough details across. Not everything on these shelves is for sale. In all cases, if you're interested, ask me about details or make me an offer (yeah, I know, the dreaded "O" word; I promise, if the offer is reasonable you'll most likely get a "yes").


* * *



NES cartridges. Those on the far left have manuals. Those on the far right have boxes and manuals. The rest are loose.


The monitors aren't for sale.


* * *




NES consoles have been sold. Plenty of accessories are still available. This includes Zappers, joypads, a NES Advantage, Game Genies, power supplies, and NES-branded automatic RF switches.


* * *




SNES hardware, accessories and games. Some consoles are more yellowed than others, but all are working. Power supplies, some instruction manuals and Super Game Boys also available.


* * *




N64 and Game Cube hardware, accessories and games.


* * *




Sega Genesis games, boxed with instructions on the left, loose on the right.


* * *




Sega Master System games, most boxed with instructions. Many cartridges have writing on the labels. Games obscured by the camera flash are Golvellius, Phantasy Star, and one of the "Great" sports games (baseball, I think).


* * *




Sega Master System hardware and accessories. Some power supplies and Sega-branded RF switches here. I didn't get it in this picture, but I think I have at least one Sega light gun available.


* * *




Sega Genesis hardware and accessories. The Sega CD in the back is not for sale, sorry. Everything else here is up for grabs. Model 1 and Model 2 consoles, including one "High Definition Graphics" Model 1 (physically in bad shape, but it runs flawlessly).


* * *




Sega Saturn hardware, accessories and games. I plan on keeping at least one of these consoles, but the other three are available. I believe I have tested them all, but I will test again before finalizing any deals. Game discs need to be double-checked before any deal is made, also.


* * *




Sega Game Gear stuff. Most if not all of these suffer from muted sound; another project I'd like to tackle "sometime," but I'll sell first if someone really wants one. The big thing to the left is a carrying case, which is available.


* * *




Atari 2600 games. Those plagued by the camera flash are Video Pinball, Warlords, Yars' Revenge, and duplicates of what you see elsewhere. Labels in various conditions, from decent to poor. Variations (text or picture, lower-case or upper-case, etc.) available for some games.


* * *




Atari 5200 games. The consoles and controllers in the background are not available, sorry. All games pictured are (sale pending). Not pictured but available are boxed editions of Galaxian, Star Raiders, Defender, Super Breakout, and Missile Command. Most boxes are still sealed, many are shrink-wrapped. All have some degree of shelf wear. Boxed 5200 games are $2 each.


Some owner's manuals, game instructions and catalogs also available.


* * *




Atari 7800 stuff. One console I'm keeping. The other is available. All games and boxes available (Dig Dug is pending). These boxes are empty... I think. I'll double-check of course.


* * *




Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit cartridges.


* * *




Intellivision games. The boxed games in the background are not available, but all loose cartridges here are up for grabs. I have manuals and overlays for some of these. The Atari cartridge is Centipede. The Imagic cartridges are Atlantis, Demon Attack, and Beauty and the Beast.


* * *




ColecoVision games. I have manuals and overlays for some of these.


* * *


Other stuff not yet pictured includes some PlayStation stuff, one Intellivision console, and some of the more recent all-in-one units from Atari, Jakks, etc..


Also potentially for sale are some Commodore 64 computers, Commodore 1541 disk drives, one Atari 800XL computer, Apple II disk drives and I/O cards, and possibly one TI 99-4/A.


* * *


As time goes on I'll get some of this stuff better pictured and itemized. I also will have a new "wanted" thread up within the next day or so. In the meantime, if you want it, don't hesitate to ask about it. I won't be insulted by any offer. The worst I'll do is say no.



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ps - what is a "power supple" ? :-D sounds intriguing, maybe even a bit naughty ;)


Whatever you do, "don't" reverse the polarity! (wink, wink)




Typo fixed. Thanks for the bump and the catch. :)


Also, to those who've pinged me so far, I'll be back at the storage unit tonight (Monday night) to do some sorting and picture taking, and I'll reply to my PM's afterward.

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  • 3 months later...

tried to pm but u weren't accepting pm's...

I'd like the master system/genny converter $12 as well as possibly Majoras mask cart, and I'm interested in ur NES/snes however I cannot clearly see the cart titles or pull up the full pic (gets cut off for me ) Any way you can list them or shrink the pics or shoot me a link to them off Flickr or something?

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Wow. This thread sits dormant for months, and suddenly it's alive! That's a good thing!


I apologize for not yet having replied to everyone. The list and pictures are fairly up to date, or at least they were as of yesterday. A couple of PM's did get through, and I've since done some housecleaning on my inbox. Of course I will respond to everyone, including those who left replies here.


The Power Base Converter is definitely a popular item, and I regret I have only one for sale!


Update: PM's have been replied to. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll fill in some requested details, including what NES and SNES games are still available.

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