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original Xbox Atari edition


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Gotta be a user mod. You can tell that console is painted, as opposed to being actual red plastic. Also, just from the pic you can see areas where the original black still shows through a bit, AKA the different 'shades' of red. Only hand-paint with a rattle-can can produce those results. :)

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i googled the above image. here's a fuller pic:




from this site:



Acabem amb la versió més rara, l'edició Atari, que es va regalar a la Leipzig Game Convention el 2004 a través d'un concurs que va tenir un únic guanyador, que va esdevenir l'únic propietari d'aquesta variant de la qual només es va fer 1 unitat.


google translated:


END version rarest , editing Atari , who gave the Leipzig Games Convention in 2004 through a contest that had a single winner , who became the sole owner of this variant which was only 1 unit .

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On 11/5/2012 at 11:24 AM, onlysublime said:

Here's some satisfied customers: 

"the atari themed xbox makes me wanna crack out a thesaurus to see all the synonyms  for the word 'wrong' " - scott the woz

"why? Why? Why? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?" - me

"(this is so weird i need to post this and ask if its real..)"  - onlysublime


The atari box. get your own today


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