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Are you late? ... Mario is back!


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Have you missed or be out of money for the Mario Bros release back awhile?

Are you one of those who got pissed off by reading the word SOLD OUT , EVERY TIME you visited our website?


Then, here's YOUR chance to own this awesome translated Arcade game!


The game will be offered in a completely new box design, will included 2 brand new overlays done by Phil Boland ............AND it will also be sold at a special LOWER price too!

In fact the game target price is $39,99 only!


I would also like to point that it would not have been possible without the precious help of Eduardo (Opcode) who sold me the required MegaCart PCBs needed for a re-release

So thanks Ed, I do really appreciate!









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1) will it work on Adam?

2) will it have a special color cartridge (at any point)?

3) if no to the above, will the overlays be made available to those who already own the game from before?





1) No


2) No, Regular Black Cartridge


3) I will authorize Phil to sell MB Overlays for those who already own the game

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what's in REV.D version of the game?


Basically, the final revision of the game



REV.A ) The 32K Final Version

REV.B ) The official RED Cart Release

REV.C) Never been sold to public (Missing Intermission music and Fireball sounds added)

REV.D) FINAL Green Cartridge Release

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