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C4 Expo back for 2013


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We are back, and have epanded to include everything from atari to vectrex! We are taking donations to fund this even in order to make it FREE TO ATTEND!


If you are interested in becoming a vendor or wish to do a presentation at the show, please contact me. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


The following is taken directly from our crowdfunding site:





For 6 years our Commodore Club had a successful yearly expo. Times were a bit harder last year and we did not have the funds. For 2013 we are coming back with a vengeance and opening up the expo to all things retro computing and gaming related. There will be vendors and users from all realms of retro computing and gaming! Atari, Commodore, Amiga, SNES, NES, you name it!


We have joined forces with the guys from the Cinciclassic and are putting together a world class event.



A few things that differentiate us from the usual expo format is:


We start at 8 am sat and end at 5 pm sunday, the room is usually closed for a few hours in the AM sunday so we can get some sleep, but I have seen it closed for only 4 hours. We spend a lot of time hacking away at 2 am. it is really a great time.


Our goal is to fund this from members/clubs so that admission can be free. We may charge a nominal door fee to either refund individuals contributions or cover any shortfall in money needed to cover the event.


We are currently planning to have this event on Jun 8th, the date is subject to change, but we expect to finalize it before the end of November.


The venue is the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell KY (jst across the river from Cincy! http://www.drawbridgehotel.com/



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