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Atari Inc. - Business Is Fun Now Available!


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So we need to know exact delivery times to see who officially is the first receipiant of the book...


Looking forward to hearing some feedback guys, it would also be a major help to us to snap a photo and make a posting up on your FB pages to let people know...


Marty and I are working on swag and anybody really putting a major effort in spreading the word far and wide wont be forgotten... After all bribery gets you far ;-)

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Mine was delivered at 11:21 AM Central.

I didn't actually get my hands on it, however, until 4:00 PM.


Once I finish devouring it (not literally, of course - then again that might not be such a bad....nah!), I plan to do a blog post about it.

It should be a few days, at most, maybe even tomorrow night.

Not that that's any great endorsement, since the blog is new and has few followers but I'll do what I can to promote it.


Keith Smith


Currently in the midst of a long "Ultimate (So Far) History of Cinematronics/Vectorbeam" for which I interviewed two dozen people (including what may be the only interview with Larry Rosenthal in the last 33 years).

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Slash Dot --- that's scary... let's see if they pick it up, would be cool if they do.


Thanks dude!!! Gonna have to see about getting you one of our new t-shirts in January when they are ready.


Submitted post to /. that the book is available with links back here, to ataribook.com, to amazon and the Syzygy page.

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Amazon informed us it would be 5-7 days, so most likely they'll start shipping end of week and you'll receive at whatever the shipping speed is, I think all of the pre-orders were done USPS direct if I recall... I need to check status which I've been doing each day.


Had this pre-ordered with Amazon, but regular shipping. Probaly will get it at the end of the week. Hope it's coming USPS or that means a jaunt down to the UPS/Fed-Ex Center. :ponder:

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Uh oh...


Al I think I already gave you one of my kidneys, not sure I can give you the other, how about a spleen or gall bladder? I hear they fetch good $$$ on the black market ;-)


Yeah, well if Albert's got the magic to get /. to pick it up, please help out if you can dude...



I should try submitting a story to Slashdot. :)



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Yes, great review - it was helpful yet did not give anything away. I am SO ordering this book next week after payday.


I read an excerpt last week and it was phenominal, can't wait to read the whole book.


BTW, I'm also ordering The Secret History of Star Wars so you can see how geeky I really am.


Geeks of the world unite!

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Keith, really appreciate the fair review... man you read the whole book that quick ?!?!? Jeeez, how many cans of Red Bull did you drink? ;-)


Yeah the book is scary thick... and to be honest if Createspace didn't have an 828 page maximum we would've included a lot more, and yes you are correct, we had to leave out the insanely long Index pages to save room, I think what we could do is generate a PDF and post it up onto ataribook.com for anyone who wants a way to quick reference pages looking for specifics, so that's something we'll put on the to-do list.

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I've read and re-read the book so many times, I'm not sure I can ever read it again, my head will explode!!! :-) I really give credit to people who write book after book for a living, this project was one heck of a task, Marty actually worked himself sometimes so long for so many days straight he made himself sick for days, I got so stressed out a few times I made myself sick and had to take several days to rest and recover. The constant re-checking and re-re-checking, and still finding minor things we just weren't satisfied with... We did so many follow ups for people to check, and cross check statements and such, many times I would ask very vague questions so I wouldn't lead anyone and tried to get them to give the facts in their own words, in fact when the interviews were done, it wasn't done in a question/answer fashion, but having people start from how they found out about Atari, got hired, what they did, and so forth... I'd always made sure people stayed on topic, but never would I present any information, always left it up to the employees to bring it up, let them bring up people's names involved in projects, then we'd go to those people and do the same thing, see if they would give the same or similar story so we'd know an event was truthful... checking dates, events, etc... it was some crazy work, I've got stacks of notes now piled up from talking with people, Marty getting info from others... then all of the digging into Court Records, and memos... fitting the pieces together, and still after that we'd go through it all again and still find corrections to make and additions to add...


very glad its out now.

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