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BadApple! demo for Sega Megadrive


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Highly inspired by this :



I decided to do my own version of this demo for the sega megadrive :)

I initially wanted to proof it was possible to achieve full resolution video while keeping 30 FPS playback rate. After many effort i finally completed it.


4 MB version :





8 MB version (without bank switch) :




Note that the 8 MB version can work only with Mega Everdrive or custom flash cart supporting full 8 MB mapping (without SSF2 bank switch style). Also some special emulator can support it as well as this one :



The good point is that it does work on real hardware exactly as on emulator :)

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The entire video is from the rom, and it does works on a stock Genesis.

It's means to work on NTSC system as the video playback is 30 FPS (it will be play at 25 FPS on PAL system and such get quickly desynchronized with sound).


The 2 x 4MB version work on any 4MB flashcart, the 8 MB version only work on some flash cart (as the Mega Everdrive) which allow direct mapping of large rom :)

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I decided to do my own version of this [bad Apple] demo for the sega megadrive icon_smile.gif


I know that this is an old thread... but I only just got a Mega Everdrive yesterday. I was looking for some homebrew games and demos to see what the Sega scene has created over the years. I ran across this Bad Apple demo while watching an episode of the YouTube channel show "Game Sack" this evening. So, I loaded-up the 8MB version and... was amazed. If you heard something go "bump" a little while ago, then just know it was my jaw dropping.


What really struck me about halfway through the video was that it was running at a such a low resolution (320x200 or something, right?). I'm not familiar with the demo's source material, but I was able to enjoy it anyway. This is actually the first demo I've seen on a Genesis. I have a feeling that it is going to be a tough demo to follow-up on.



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These Dropbox links are dead but I was able to find some working links elsewhere.


Posting here for posterity. Apologies to Stef if he updates this again. Note that the 8MB version requires bank switching hardware like Everdrive, or certain emulators.






Yeap I can confirm that on my X7 that the full 8mb one runs fine. However, the original Titan Overdrive demo will always crash during the credits section when the robot is shooting the names. Tested it with several different versions of the rom file I could find, and on 3 different Genesis systems. So the Overdrive demo pretty much requires PAL hardware.


Speaking of PAL... there is lots of information on converting PAL 50hz to 60hz...but nothing on getting a 60hz Genesis to display 50hz?! Unless the trick with changing the main crystal in the Genesis is the same deal on the 60hz models, only to substitute with a 50hz PAL version?

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