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Midwest City Video Game Expo


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Oklahoma Retro Game Society has teamed with East County Swap Meet in Midwest City, Oklahoma, to host the first Midwest City Video Game Expo on Saturday, December 15th. There will be 20 to 30 tables set up by members of the Oklahoma Retro Game Society.


I'm pretty new to OKRGS, so I'm hoping that Brandon or Paul is able to log in here and post more info. East County Swap Meet is at 23rd and Douglas Blvd, caddy corner to McDonald's there in Midwest City, Oklahoma. It's about fifteen minutes from downtown OKC. The Swap Meet is open until six, and I recall reading that the event begins at 8AM that Saturday in the southernmost section of the Swap Meet.


Just in my short time with OKRGS, I've learned that we have collectors from all across the board of console generations from Atari 2600 all the way to PS3 and 360. Already a couple of Atari collectors are planning to attend and there's at least one Genesis collector signed up.

Central Oklahoma has a decent amount of retro game interest and a large selection in the wild, so come out and see what we've unearthed. Let's make the very first Oklahoma Video Game Expo a resounding success!

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This Saturday, folks. It all happens this coming Saturday. There's been talk of making an AVGN style video regarding the LaserActive. If that happens, I'll have to post it! Also minor repair services will be offered.


If ya'll are in or near Oklahoma this weekend and have time to stop by between 8 or 9 AM and 6 PM, come see us.

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