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Vectrex for iOS finally here!


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Doesn't work on my iPhone 4s or iPad 3, both jailbroken.

First time I have had a problem with something not running due to jailbreaking.

I'll just continue to play the real Vectrex.

I am not giving up things like iPad uploading, writing ROMs to SD cards, file browsing, MAME, Stella with Wii Remotes with gamepad, Sega, Colecovision, NES, PC Engine turbografx, tethering, bluetooth browsing, mobile safari downloading, custom sounds and themes, etc.!

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I question their charging $6.99 the the game ROMs which Mr. Smith released to be used however fit as long as no one charges for them??


My thoughts exactly. How does one file a complaint?


I'll pay for emu, but I'm not paying for the games, save for the homebrews that are used with permission.

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I sent an email to them about this question this morning. Now if they have an agreement with Jay Smith about charging for the game ROMs then I will pay. Otherwise I will not pay. And how do we add ROMs to the app which have been released to be used freely without paying?

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I can can confirm that using the Video Adapter dongle for the new iPad I got the Vectrex display on my 42 inch TV in stereo and I used the touch screen to play ..


Does the video adapter tie up the BlueTooth connection? Or can you still use a proper controller while having tv/out?


Edit - Looks like it plugs in and isn't wireless, so there's nothing stopping someone from connecting a gamepad to this for a proper controller at the same time they're using tv/out. :)

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I downloaded this app (and subsequently the game pack) to my iPad2 minutes after it was released. I'm not concerned about them charging for the games ($7 for all of them is pretty slight). I understand the argument about the rights to Vectrex being conditional on there being no profit, and I suppose this technically violates that. But these guys did a ton of work providing this software for you, and to what ever degree they are not entitled to compensation for that, you are even less entitled to free access to it. They did the work to put it on your tablet, which is apparently worth something to you as that is the subject of this thread. You can get the raw ROMs for free on you desktop/emulator, but there's still no way for you to get the real thing for free. Even that Vectrex Homebrew Godfather John Dondzilla charges money for reproduced GCE cartridges. ... He has permission to do that and I would not be the least bit surprised if the Vectrex Regeneration folks do too.


Heh but about this app, it is in no way a substitute for the real thing. The joystick function makes it nearly unplayable for me. Why is it not stationary?

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