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Season 6 Round 8 - Space Panic

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Great scores Northcoastgamer and jblenkle!


Firstly, my congrats to Northcoastgamer and jblenkle as well. Incredible scores.


Secondly, I would like to comment on the scoring system and my view on why you shouldn't give up just because you'll only score a few points in a round when someone else scores an incredibly high score. Recent rounds have been dominated by Northcoastgamer and this is ensuring that he/she rapidly climbs up the leaderboard. Although most other players are scoring low and achieving few points you are still in competition with each other and those points still matter. So what if you don't have a hope in hell of getting remotely near the top score - what jblenkle and skosh demonstrated this round is that persevering and posting a very good score results in you scoring significantly more points than the other players. Thus they are pushed up the leaderboard while others fall. Repeat this behaviour each round and those who persevere will still be rewarded with places near the top of the leaderboard. In my opinion, when someone like Northcoastgamer posts such incredible scores then the points they earn should be a reflection of that great skill.


I know that there are those that dislike this scoring mechanism but I believe it to be fair and it should be motivational when the effects of it are understood.


Please post scores, no matter how small compared to the highest score, ALL points matter!!!


That said, I gained zero points this round because I didn't get time to play which sucks when it's a game a love such as Space Panic. Oh well - onto the next round.....

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