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Match 5 - By Elektronite

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A new game is coming from Elektronite around February/March 2013, called 'Match 5'


It is a puzzle game. The idea is that a grid fills up with multi shaped objects. You can move them around, and when you get at least 5 in a row, they all disappear. The line can be up or down, side to side or diagonal. Three new objects appear on the board randomly every move. You get a point for each moved square. You can use bombs to blow up a group of symbols so you can continue playing. Later in the game, wildcards appear.


Right now, the game is about 80 percent done.


Difficulty level menus will be added, as well as a High score board. Sound effects such as the bomb also have to be added.


Just thought you might be interested in seeing an up and coming Elektronite game.





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As I tell my wife, "Better than being a dumbass!" haha


Sorry, had to point it out...I just can't go backwards in life. ;)


It looks great though. Looking forward to adding to my "Modern Releases" (If this catches on, I want the royalties). Let's face it, a homebrew isn't as professionally done as the games that have been released for the Intv.



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