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2012 Flashback 4 & Sega out of stock


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I guess if you didn't get one before Black Friday, you are stuck paying full price.


My Godson's special needs adopted brother loves Sonic and I watched him beat Sonic 3 this summer at the Delaware shore on vacation. The credits start to roll when the game was beat, and he turned to me and I said, "You beat the game! That's it, good job!" He replied, "I guess there's no Level 9?" Priceless.


At Games own website shows OUT OF STOCK on Flashback 4, Flashback 4 with paddles, Classic Game Console (Sega Genesis), and Ultimate Portable Game Player (Portable Sega Genesis), by the way, terrible naming on those last two!


I did find 6 Flashback 4's at a Family Dollar for full price, but no Ultimate Portable Game Player.


If you took the time to read all this and like the poster that comes with Flashback 4, on at games.com there are a Set of Posters Atari related. Not out of stock on those, yet.


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I bought the JXD for my son, it seems to crash periodically though (esp skype). The internal storage is also awkwardly split up, and the RAM is 256MB not the listed 512MB. However, the over quality is nice and for a 5" ICS device, you're not gonna beat the price. Was really leery over the screen before purchase; but am very pleased with its quality. Got it "set up" so its ready to go xmas morning; so time will tell how well it does for him.

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