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Cowitz Gamers for Kids 2013


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I just did, and it does work! I just played Indy 500 with my kids, although it took quite a while to find the driving controllers. I need to think of a good name for this when actually using the console. "Trophy-six-hundred" is the leader so far. I've played quite a lot of Atari over the years, but never Indy 500 since it needed those special controllers. Literally, I don't think I played this game in 30+ years. A really cool choice for a tournament. Thanks so much; it really was a lot of fun.

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Ah Toymailman I knew your name looked familar :) one word Aquarius!


I am also looking forward to next year I made damn sure that I will not have any blocking plans outside of acts of god and or the world ending...... Again..... :)

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