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Sears TELE-GAMES INTV (new) Overlay set


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Considering the fact that the Sears games used the same carts as Mattel (and considering that I have like tons of extra carts) I could see having both sets of carts, one orig and one with the amended labels. I would probably keep the newly labeled ones in the boxes though. Then again, I'l probably keep the overlays all together and separate from the games. Hmmm.....what to do....

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I like the label idea and I'd probably go with the red, but I wouldn't mind seeing what the other version might look like. To Jason's point, most of the games are pretty common, so relabeling a bunch of them wouldn't be a big deal to me.

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As always I'm interested in every overlay, reproductions, sears, for colecovision etc.

If I remember right, you don't have any set of overlay available to send to Brazil...


I'm not sure but maybe I've missed a short world wide release of overlays :?

I've sent a pm some time before asking for the most complete collection of your overlays when you have finished your amazing work.

I just want to be sure my name is in.

If you don't plan to release outside USA/Canda, I would like to ask someone to pick them for me :).

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bump! Any progress on these? Must see new designs :-D


No new designs yet. I've been working on other stuff for that last few weeks. As a matter of fact I'm currently finishing up a custom ColecoVision overlay order.


The next INTV overlay on my list is Boxing. I will be able to work more on these next week. Hopefully I will have more to show then. :)


Stay tuned.

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