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My 2600 needs, please help


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Here is a list of 2600 stuff I need. I am willing to buy a CIB if you only want to sell something that way. New in box is always preferred.

All listed are NTSC.Thanks for looking

B=box I=instructions C=cart









Hangman silver/ Black white -BI




Superman pic label



Avalon Hill

Out of control-B


Any Beagle Brothers carts


I have no Xante carts


Air Raid


Atlantis II


Eli's Ladder




Comma Vid:



Video Life






River patrol-B







Art/super Kung fu-CIB

Chuck Norris/Ghost manor-CIB

Spikes peak-CIB


Many Vcarts and PAL stuff as well

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Hey, chas10e told me to come here from the chat room with my question about a game obtained recently at an auction. Says atari181 is an expert, so I'd figure I might as well ask.


The game is Seahawk by Panda, and is still in box and factory sealed. The box itself is kind of beaten up, however. I was wondering how much I could likely sell something like this for. Here are some pics:




Thanks for your time.

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Well you probably should start your own thread for this. However last sale I find was 3 years ago and was $286 shipped but your box is beat. I don't know about sealed Atari games but it does not appear there is any way of proving that is factory sealed, that box is too beat-up for that. You should start a new thread and let others chime in on their thoughts.

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