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Incognito Production Installation


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I was able to get a buddy to flash my incognito PLCC rom chip... And afterwards I couldn't play cartridges again, so I re-flashed with candles flash fix. And now cart will start again.. I got basic now aslo with the rom chip programed..


Thank you



Did you add SDX 4.46 too?

Drac said that the U1MB version will work on Incognito :)

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Did you add SDX 4.46 too?

Drac said that the U1MB version will work on Incognito :)

OH Yes SDX446 is the main reason I got on the phone and to see if I could bother him with a chip PLCC flash.. I was in such a rush that I forgot to rename the OS Bios Slots..

But yes I did program in SDX446_ultimate Rom. With your Romgenerator.... :thumbsup: :) .. I like the rom-maker.. It does need a version # tacked on somewhere..

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When I saw the picture from candle using the power board and power led for a switch I was amazed how one could come up with the idea.


I have 5 switch holes drilled around my 800 from the early days so I used the 2 in front . I have a spare 800 which I think i'am going to do

the power supply board myself ,


Nice job flashjazzcat!

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Thanks! I bored a hole right through the side of that monolithic block of metal to route the three wires, mind you. :D


Note: the power board also required a thick stand-off bolted through a hole near the long capacitor at the front-left. This rests on the bottom of the casing and stops the board from flexing when the ATR button is pressed.

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Just an FYI...

The ribbon cable that came with mine has the ribbon exiting towards the front of the machine from the chip socket rather than towards the back of the machine in order for the red stripe to line up with pin 1 on the socket. It doesn't cause any problems but I thought some people might assemble theirs wrong if they have the same thing.


There wasn't enough clearance for the ribbon cable between the socket and the plastic RAM/ROM area guide so I had to trim some plastic.

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I got my board today and started the install. Then I noticed the personality board (right name?) doesn't look anything like the one in the pictures. Mine has CO14360 (REV D) in the upper left corner. I don' know where to connect the yellow and green wires.


Without those installed when the system starts up I just get a green screen. I can' figure out what I did wrong.



I just wanted to post an update here for anyone else that may have the REV D CPU card.


Yellow wire (pin 1) = HALT. This is pin 9 of ANTIC. On our REV D boards, ANTIC is A302 (1st chip from left when looking at FRONT of board, pin 1 is bottom right)

Green wire (pin 6) = RDY. This is pin 15 of ANTIC.


I will post pictures this evening when I install the new cable.

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So how's the PDF version of this document coming? I'd love to get something that spells out how to do everything. I love Candle's led/push button mod, but can't quite tell how it's wired in.


I'm a total electronics amateur, so how bout a "step 1, do this. step 2, do that" type directions?


Don't get me wrong I am 100% sure I can figure everything out myself, but if I had a work instruction it'd help.



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Here are some pictures from my installation.

Currently I can´t load cartridges that use bankswitching (e.g. Xenophobe, Ultimate Utility Cartridge etc.) and there is a strange thing with the self-test in Standard XL-mode, watch the video:




Anyway, the computer is working fine:




What´s that? Just a bug in the Incognito OS? Or some strange hardware error? I tested another Pokey: same effect. Connections are fine. But as long as it works...









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I found the self test problem in beta, can't remember what caused the problem. However everything else works fine so I didn't worry too much.


As every program that I´ve tested so far seems to run fine, I don´t really worry at all. Maybe there is a bug in the OS-ROM of the Incognito that causes this error? For the hardware: tfhh checked the computer in Elmshorn with his SALT-cartridge and it was finde. So I just checked all connections and re-did the cable fixing. Everything looks fine and all lines are stable and connected.


I wonder if there is anybody where the Self-test works correctly with Incognito?

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The self test does that on mine as well, no big deal. Yes there are some bugs, back in the day of the 800 if you added 256k ram board it caused a few programs to error also, and piggy backed

omnimon caused a few things to change as well. and the full Omnimon osn board (16k banked OS) .


I was 100% against the XL's when they came out , they looked cheap and some software would not run. I did not get an XL till around 85, and it was a game that was XL only that I wanted. The XL

was on desk for that only, then back under the desk it went. I think it was around 91 when I finely went XL all the way.


Today, The 800 with incognito board even with a few bumps/beeps is fully usable again!!


I have noticed a few games looses Joystick control, and goes to left of screen, fire button works though.


Never the less, my 800 is on the desk and the XL is on the shelf now. reversed from the mid 80's LOL!!

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