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Season 10 Round 1 - American Gladiators


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Hi everyone!


I'm going through all HSCs to inform about the Second Knock Out Competition.

Since we're begining a new Season, I'm not sure how we could (assuming we want) make the knock out Tourney now.

Maybe we just wait until the season is over and then start the knock out?


Cparsley started it in the Intellivision HSC: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/207259-2nd-annual-ko-competition/

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Sorry guys! I got caught up in school this week and forgot all about all video game forum activities.


Final results:


WispFollower 808 +9

Skosh 759 +6

cparsley 462 +3

Jibbajaba 310 +1

asponge 307 +1

roadrunner 282 +1

classicgamer_27330 159 +1

darthkur 155 +1

asponge 138 +1

jblenkle 117 +1

Liduario 110 +1

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