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here's the 5200 Asteroids hack


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Thanks for all the props, guys.


Cafeman, I played the game on MeSS, and it controls just fine. Since the 5200 controllers were non-self-centering, you have to press left or right to rotate, then press the opposite direction, and that should self-center. After that, it controls just fine. BTW I use a PiranhaPad PC 4-button gamepad as my main game controller. I also have a HammerHeadFX controller, but the installation software sometimes interferes with my soundcard (my soundcard is one of those soundcard/modem combos that came with HP Pavilion PCs). Does anybody know of any patches that can alleviate the problem?

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How hard would it be to port this to the 8-bits for better control?


No need to...Asteroids for 400/800 already exists (so all you need to do is use a graphic editor like HackOmatic2 to "hollow out" the sprite objects).



I use Dan Boris' 2600gfx (showgfx and editgfx) graphic hacking utility along with Notepad. I may revisit my hack and do an all-new version of Asteroids VE. The only thing I don't like about the 5200 version of Asteroids is that asteroids can overlap each other. Perhaps somebody can hack the game to where if asteroids collide, they explode and become smaller asteroids (or nothing if it's smaller asteroids colliding).

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