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TG-16 High Score contest. R-type

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Dammit! Finally broke the 200k barrier, but didn't get a pic. You have to be fast to get it before it disappears and in my haste, I pressed something on my phone and it went to a photo instead of the camera. Then I finally got past the third stage but the high score was only in the 170,000's. That ricochet laser has been my main friend until the fourth stage, where it is not helping much. These things come out and trail bubble things behind them (think the cycles in Tron), and the ricochet laser just bounces off of them instead of cutting through them.

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New high score for me: 225,800. (Still trying and posting even though I am probably the only one still paying attention.) Pretty much figured out the third stage/boss now, just need more practice on it. Keep dying near the end of it.


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