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The lost Gremlins Atari arcade game.


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I asked someone about this just a few months ago. I believe the footage is from a promotional video and the actual prototype has not been found yet. Too bad, as it looks like fun!

Thanks. Yes it does look pretty good. Has some levels that kind of resemble Paper Boy style graphics. Would the proto be an arcade board or stored in another fashion? I'd think it may have gone bad by now.
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Would the proto be an arcade board or stored in another fashion? I'd think it may have gone bad by now.

It'd most likely be a complete board, unless someone yanked the EPROMs and threw them together in a box. The EPROMs going bad isn't really an issue, but with arcade games it is more of a concern since there are several chips (instead of just one or two with a console game). Also, it's possible (but not likely) for someone to have kept a copy of the source code.


In any event, if this game was going to be found in any form, I'd think it probably would've turned up by now. You never know though....

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Looks like a good idea for a hack of ROBOTRON!


Funny you should mention this... Atari made the Atari XL, and C-64 versions of Robotron (through Atarisoft), and they also put out a Gremlins game for those machines which I'm pretty sure is based on the codebase of the Robotron ports, since both use a heavy amount of soft sprites, and both display the scoring in a similar way.


Just compare those two screenshots (for the C-64 version):


post-8393-0-60094700-1357415969_thumb.gif post-8393-0-47909500-1357415984_thumb.gif

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The unreleased arcade Gremlins was done by Franz Lanzinger. No, he doesn't have anything left of the game, though he once told me he might have some Polaroid photos somewhere.


Does anyone know where this video came from originally? Is there a version without the bad metal music and the obtrusive watermark?

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Originated from atarigames.com


Cool to hear that Franz Lanzinger was involved with this. He really had a golden hand for whimsical yet addictive games.

Crystal Castles of course (a pity he never got to do a true sequel to this), but also the Tengen update to Ms Pac Man - pure game fun at its best with its dozens of clever new mazes and subtle gameplay additions...

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