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The lost Gremlins Atari arcade game.


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Funny you should mention this... Atari made the Atari XL, and C-64 versions of Robotron (through Atarisoft), and they also put out a Gremlins game for those machines which I'm pretty sure is based on the codebase of the Robotron ports, since both use a heavy amount of soft sprites, and both display the scoring in a similar way.


Just compare those two screenshots (for the C-64 version):


attachicon.gifrobotron_2084_03.gif attachicon.gifgrem1.gif

I had that Gremlins game for my Apple 2c. Loved it. A great game. Great gameplay. Cool graphics. Similar in a way to Robotron but different enough.

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This game is really neat. Judging by the gameplay video, it seems to exist both intact and playable. I assume there is a lucky owner of at least one functioning Gremlins proto Arcade board, yet undumped? I hope it gets released eventually to the community, some how, some way :)


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On 2/19/2020 at 11:28 AM, Greg2600 said:

Good video.  Still surprising that the MAME team never did anything with the files.

That’s because there is nothing there to work with.  It’s not that they didn’t want to, they examined everything and found the files were useless for emulation. 

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On 1/4/2013 at 9:55 PM, Greg2600 said:

So I was googling the Gremlins PS2/Gamecube cancelled game, and found this poor quality gameplay video from atarigames.com. Gremlins 1984 arcade game. I believe a similar game made it to computers. Anyone know if this arcade game was ever dumped? Or anything more about it?



Um. Video is unavailable 

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Guys. This has nothing to do with the topic but I had a good dream! It was me going to this hotel that had a small arcade. There was sonic the fighters, pac man, galaga, galaga 88, and this minture sized Atari system one looking cabinet. Now the Atari system 1 looking cabinet is why I’m mainly talking about this!! It was actually an Atari system 2 game in my dream but I’ll get to that. The arcade at the hotel required weird long tickets and not coins. And some how on accident i lost four tickets only leaving me with 1 ticket but when I ran into the one Atari system 1 looking game I took a look at it. It had the blue stripe Atari system 1 side art and in the front where you put the coins in the front art was the like a mouse looking like peter pack rat behind a backyard. Unfortunately I was to lazy to take a look at the title but I got cerious because of how amazing the miniaturized cabinet looked so I slide my one ticket in and when the coin sound played it sounded exactly like the paperboy sound that also appeared in other games. Like sprint for instance! And I was about to press start until I noticed that I needed to find my other tickets and apparently they were in the bathroom trash can. So whe I went to go back I was planing on playing sonic the fighters and pac man but I took a look and saw a group of people sitting at a table that was behind the system 1 looking cabinet. And the person in the middle looked similar to my sister in the dream which I found funny. So I went to ask her “is this an Atari system 2 game?” Because of the coin sound effect sounding identical to paperboy. And out of luck she replyed “yes” and it instantly made me want to press the start button and I was about to press the start button but of course THE DREAM ENDED and the mot fustrating part is that I ended up playing absalutly no games at all ?. Hopefully I can have another dream of me actually going to play that game... it looked vary cool!!

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 DATE:  5-OCT-84     PROJECT LEADER:  Cox	 PROJECT START:  14-SEPT-83            
 LAB    SUNSET II               EXT:  7317            PROJECT #:  428XX          
  (14-SEPT-83)   -ENGINEERING REVIEW. We had an Engineering Review on 9/27.      
 -------------   Attendees were the team, Linda Benzler and Karen Witte. The     
 |  PROJECT  |   feeling was that the current gameplay is acceptable. We are     
 |   START   |   preparing a sketch of Gizmo in a car with a tennis ball cannon  
 -------------   for Warner Bros to approve. We did find out that sound effects  
       |         and voice from the movie are seperate issues from the music. We 
  (14-FEB-84)    can decide not to use the music, and still have the other two.  
 -------------   The team is still of the opinion that we should use Gizmo's     
 |    1ST    |   theme and the Gremlin Rag at a minimum.                         
 | ENG. REV. |                                                                   
 -------------   -SCHEDULE. Please note the new schedule. With the current       
       |         priority and manpower of the game, we expect to have 2 Focus-   
  (7-MAR-84)     ready waves in January, and will be able to Field Test in March.
 |    1ST    |   -SOFTWARE. We will add Gremlins with personality and clothing to
 | MKTG. REV.|   wave 1 within the next month, and then move on to wave 2. The   
 -------------   move to wave 2 will probably be timed with the debug of a Rev 2 
       |         board set for Gremlins. The graphics ROMs will have to be       
  (12-APR-84)    reorganized at this point. We will finish wave 1 later, after we
  (25-MAY-84)    have all had a chance to look at it fresh. Sound support is     
 -------------   starting to trickle in.                                         
 | 2ND & 3RD |                                                                   
 | ENG. REV. |   -HARDWARE. Rev 2 Paperboy hardware is coming up fast in the    
 -------------   lab. We have found very few problems. Most problems so far are  
       |         CAD node connection erors. Current indications are that we may  
  (27-SEP-84)    have a board set for Gremlins in 3 to 5 weeks. Wire wrap sound  
 -------------   board fully debugged, but software problems with old REV        
 |    4TH    |   hardware and new REV software have stalled audio efforts. We    
 | ENG. REV. |   will wait for REV 2 hardware.                                   
       |         - LONG RANGE GARGOALS. We will stop work on the street playfield
   10-JAN-85 *   by late October (after adding a couple of crucial elements). We 
 -------------   will move on to wave 2.  We also hope to have a working second  
 |    2ND    |   wave by mid to late December, and then finish up the first wave.
 | MKTG. REV.|                                                                   
   12-JAN-85 *                                                                   
 |   FOCUS   |                                                                   
 |   GROUP   |                                                                   
   XX-FEB-85 *                                                                   
 |    3RD    |                                                                   
 | MKTG. REV.|                                                                   
   XX-MAR-85 *     XX-MAR-85 *                                                   
 -------------   -------------                                                   
 |   UL &    |   |  FIELD    |                                                   
 | FCC REV.  |---|  TEST     |                                                   
 -------------   -------------                                                   
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