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M.U.L.E. Post your scores here!

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Summary: PLAY & POST YOUR M.U.L.E. SCORES FROM 2013+ HERE simples icon_smile.gif

Being a big M.U.L.E. fan I've decided to maintain a thread for everyone playing the best A8 game, ever! M.U.L.E. still holds up well today in it's 30th year, and lets face it, it's better than watching TV in an evening. If you've never played M.U.L.E. then round up some friends, if you can, or just take on the Mechtrons by yourself - go straight into 'Tournament Mode' as it's the most fun to play (and not too hard - really!).
This is not a serious tournament just a bit of fun (and nothing to do with the regular High Score Club season) but I will post tables of best scores & average scores , best colony scores and average colony scores so don't be too mean to the poor Mechtrons!!! No trading at the end of 'round 12' see http://www.atariage....d/#entry2700513 for details!

Please post all of your scores, good and bad! and say what character you played as. Play on Tournament mode or tell me if you have played on Beginner or Standard instead.

Scores for 1/2/3/4 player(s) games are ok. A recent atariage thread suggested for fun to play 2 people on 4 player mode (each person controlling 2 characters). The total score for both of your characters decided the winner; you could collude between yourself! These scores will be kept in a separate table.

If by any chance you don't already have MULE you can Download the disk/ATR from Fandal (on some versions emulator users may need to set the firmware to OS/A Atari 800). Atarimania's ariola (UK) version has the instructions. Other links: Czech version, Multijoy M4 Version

To play 4 player you will need an Atari 800 or a multijoy interface for the XL/XE. You can play three player on the XL/XE using 1 joystick and 1 set of paddles.

Everyone Welcome to join in at any time.
If anyone needs any help, whatsoever, just post or send me a message.
This is open to any format not just the 8-bit Atari icon_wink.gif C64 scores are comparable see here

See you all on Planet IRATA

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Individual player tables

Top scores for each Species

Rank Player Score
1st jodebo (Leggite) 51935

2nd trbb (Packer) 36629
3rd Delmoko (Gollumer) 33108
4th carlsson (Humanoid) 31892

5th carlsson (Flapper) 30453

6th bluecat (Mechtron) 29576
7th skr (Bonzoid) 28937
8th carlsson (Spheroid) 28439

highest scores [Top 50 only!]
Rank Player Score
Rank Player Score
1st jodebo (Leggite) 51935
2nd trbb (Packer) 36629
3rd Delmoko (Gollumer) 33108
4th bluecat (Gollumer) 33008
5th carlsson (Humanoid 31892
6th pps (Humanoid) 30655
7th carlsson (Humanoid 30602
8th carlsson (Flapper) 30453
9th carlsson (Humanoid 30377
10th bluecat (Mechtron) 29576

11th carlsson (Humanoid 29255
12th trbb (Humanoid) 29229
13th bluecat (Leggite) 29143
14th skr (Bonzoid) 28937
15th Delmoko (Gollumer) 28878
16th carlsson (Spheroid 28439
17th carlsson (Humanoid 28283
18th Nature Boy (Bonzoi 28153
19th carlsson (Humanoid 28051
20th carlsson (Leggite) 28038
21st Zonz (Spheroid) 28032
22nd Zonz (Spheroid) 27508
23rd trbb (Mechtron) 27481
24th Nature Boy (Bonzoi 26971
25th Delmoko (Gollumer) 26666
26th wizard (Gollumer) 26487
27th carlsson (Bonzoid) 26272
28th bluecat (Gollumer) 26183
29th carlsson (Humanoid 26140
30th carlsson (Humanoid 25958
31st trbb (Humanoid) 24915
32nd bluecat (Gollumer) 24248
33rd Zonz (Spheroid) 24157
34th trbb (Bonzoid) 24139
35th carlsson (Humanoid 24075
36th trbb (Packer) 23503
37th trbb (Packer) 23279
38th bluecat (Gollumer) 23157
39th Lucky (Flapper) 22905
40th Zonz (Spheroid) 22735
41st trbb (Humanoid) 22714
42nd Delmoko (Gollumer) 22027
43rd carlsson (Humanoid 21357
44th Delmoko (Gollumer) 21136
45th carlsson (Flapper) 21116
46th pps (Humanoid) 20847
47th Delmoko (Gollumer) 20803
48th trbb (Humanoid) 20695
49th Zonz (Spheroid) 20667
50th Zonz (Spheroid) 20541

average scores (games played)
1st jodebo 51,935 (1)

2nd 8BIT 1337 27,562 (2)

3rd carlsson 26,489 (16)*#

4th Wizard 26,487 (1)
5th pps 25,751 (2)

6th trbb 24,979 (11)
7th Bluecat 24,251 (10)
8th Delmoko 23,539 (9)

9th Lucky 22,905 (1)*
10th Zonz 22,468 (9)

11th skr 20,970 (2)

12th Bunsen 20,343 (1)
13th Holgibo 17,766 (1)*

14th 8bitjunkie 15,540 (1)

15th Küstenturm/thorsten_guenther 13,486 (1)

16th freetz/Yellow_Man 11,054 (1)
*includes Flapper Species

#includes C64


Other all-time best scores - pre 2013

trbb Leggite 42,071 (116,047)

8BIT 1337 Bonzoid 38,826 (104,439)

bluecat Gollumer 31,530 (98,147)


With trading on the 12th month



IBM PC/Jr version - has 24 months!

Delmoko (Gollumer) 52341 170,808

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Colony Tables

highest scores [Top 25 only!]
1st jodebo 126,206

2nd bluecat & trbb 106,413

3rd carlsson 104,259

4th bluecat & trbb 103,859
5th pps 103,361

6th carlsson 102,777

7th carlsson 102,652
8th carlsson 99,493

9th carlsson 97,860

10th carlsson 92,813

11th nature boy 94,281

12th delmoko & Zonz 93,513

13th bluecat & trbb 93,175

14th carlsson 91,632

15th carlsson 89,814

16th carlsson 89,280

17th bluecat & trbb 89,029

18th carlsson 88,967

19th carlsson 87,103

20th delmoko & Zonz 87,064

21st carlsson 86,812

22nd carlsson 86,365

23rd bluecat & trbb 84,237
24th nature boy 84,035

25th Delmoko & Zonz 82,893


average scores (games played)
1st jodebo 126,206 (1)

2nd pps 91,463 (2)

3rd nature boy 89,158 (2)

4th carlsson 88,612 (17)

5th bluecat 86,861 (10)

6th trbb 85,746 (11)
7th wizard, lucky & holgibo 80,161 (1)

8th skr 79,680 (2)

9th Delmoko & Zonz 80,499 (9)

10th Bunsen, 8bitjunkie, Küstenturm/thorsten_guenther, freetz/Yellow_Man 60,423 (1)


Info below courtesy of Kroah icon_thumbsup.gif
success | score | message
0 | 0 to 19999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY FAILED...
1 | 20000 to 39999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY FAILED...
2 | 40000 to 59999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY SURVIVED...
3 | 60000 to 79999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY WAS A SUCCESS.
4 | 80000 to 99999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY SUCCEEDED.
5 | 100000 to 119999 | OVERALL, THE COLONY SUCCEEDED...
[success = round off (total score - 10000) / 20000 ]

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OK I'll start! My friend and regular M.U.L.E. opponent bluecat and I had a game; I usually play Human but decided to go for Packer and just for a change I went for red instead of blue.... well what a diaster! I think this is the first time I have ever been last (probably played 200 times!) ad enough losing to Bluecat but amazingly badly it's the 1st time ever both the Mechtrons have kicked out butts...

..it was a strange go where there was limited high Crystite plots, the Blue Mechtron actually played the Crsytite game and they also managed to do well on the Smithore, which is also very unusual - That's another great thing with M.U.L.E. you can play it 100 times and still be suprised or make screw ups (or both!) oh well the rule is must post ALL your scores, so here goes:

Bluecat (Gollumer) 20,250
trbb (Packer) 19,746
Total Colony 84,237


p.s. thought I was definitely robbed when despite being 4th I was twice hit by moving mountains killing 3 plots of mules total icon_twisted.gif should be able to average these scores up over the year ahead icon_wink.gif

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The image you linked to does not work very well on my machines. The store is missing letters and if I catch the Wampus, it crashes (see pictures).

Nonetheless I am trying it again, avoiding to accidentially catch the Wampus... ;)

(Yes, I have other other copies, but when playing HSC, I only use what YOU provide. ;) )



Edited by skr
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The image you linked to does not work very well on my machines. The store is missing letters and if I catch the Wampus, it crashes (see pictures).

Nonetheless I am trying it again, avoiding to accidentially catch the Wampus... ;)

(Yes, I have other other copies, but when playing HSC, I only use what YOU provide. ;) )

It seems the atarimania verision is dodgy so I've added the link to Fandal's version on the 1st post :thumbsup:

Play any version you have, this is just for fun ;)

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  • 5 months later...

Even small wins count... this round was played from an ATR image I found online, not neccessarily the same as linked to in the first message but it seemed bug free enough that I suppose it shouldn't matter.



It should be noted that the blue Mechtron was about 4000 points ahead of me on third place before the last round, but thanks to a record low crystite value and a record high food value, somehow I managed to advance past both green and blue computer players.

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I played a round on the C64 last Saturday but never recorded the score.


Tonight's round (A8 as green humanoid) was average: two early pirates, some mid-game pest that slowed everyone down, yadda yadda but at least I managed second place. Of course the only true challenge is to win as humanoid against three computers, something I manage to do every now and then but not on a regular basis.




Carlsson (green humanoid): 20112

Colony total: 77959

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You inspired me to play again, had a textbook Humanoid Crystite session, I was lucky with the plots and only made one small mistake (losing a mule, how embarassing!) but the crystite prices was very low for the last three turns 80, 60 and finishing on 54 I think, so the scores and colony was poor (minimum standards) there go my averages. Bluecat (Leggite) came in 3rd :D


trbb (Humanoid) 22,714

Mechtron 20,223

bluecat (Leggite) 17,881

Mectron 15,212

Total 76,030


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I was wondering if we had ever achieved the top colony ranking.. despite me thinking we had, the best score I can find recorded in my record book (from a few years ago) was:

Mechtron 33,728

Mechtron 29,632

trbb (Humanoid) 23,768)

buecat (Gollumer) 16,408

Total 118,566

so looks like that's the challenge! I guess the Mechtrons won because we were selling them energy and they had decent plots (for a change) in 2 player they could do with a logic upgrade as they seem to leave themselves short of energy too often :ponder:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Now I've played M.U.L.E. for two days in a row. Unfortunately I forgot to record the score for the first round, but since it went so bad I'd rather not count it in a high score club. :grin:


This second round went much better, although the order of events were rather unusual:


Round 1: Pest (violet computer player)

Round 2: Pirates without any crystite in play

Round 3: Pirates, still without any crystite in play

Round 4: Fire

Round 5: Fire

Round 6: Crazy mule (red computer player)

Round 7: Pest (me)

Round 8: New crystite meteor (red computer player)

Round 9: Planetquake

Round 10: Planetquake

Round 11: Planetquake

Round 12: Mothership (obviously)




The final scores:


Green Humanid (Carlsson): 21,357

Blue Mechtron (Computer): 15,744

Violet Mechtron (Computer): 12,971

Red Mechtron (Computer): 10,908

Colony total: 60,980

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We´ve played a 4 player round at the Fujiama 2013 meeting, it was going really bad for me... Here are the final results:




1. Gollumer "wizard" (ABBUC) - 26487

2. Flapper "Lucky" (ABBUC) - 22905

3. Flapper "holgibo" - 17766

4. Bonzoid "skr" - 13003


Colony: 80161


Ok, now I´ve got them sorted, as holgibo told me, he was third (some beer was involved so my memories are not complete). I don´t know if Wizard and Lucky have an account here, so I´ve added (ABBUC).

Edited by skr
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Two new rounds to submit.


On Monday, I played a violet Spheroid, as I noticed nobody else had played Spheroid this year.


Carlsson (Spheroid): 28439 pts

Colony total: 88976 pts



On Tuesday, I played a green Humanoid, which went quite well given at one point in the game I had $3 left to spend before pub and auctions...


Carlsson (Humanoid): 25958 pts

Colony total: 89280 pts



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Do you guys set out to hunt the wampus ? How many have you caught in a game? Could be a fun challenge?!


What about selling land or assaying your own plots?


Usually bluecat bags 3-4 wampi and on 2 player we usually don't assay any land as to not give anything away ;)


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I rarely have time for wumpus hunting, perhaps in the last 2-3 rounds when everything is developed the way I intended. On the occasions I go hunting, I rarely find it despite I see where the blip is. I suppose the extra cash could make more of a difference early on in the game, when you usually are busy installing mules, assaying for crystite etc. Of course I assay plots I already picked, if I'm unsure. Sometimes before installing a mule, sometimes after.


Sell land is something I'd almost never do, unless I'm really strapped for cash and the going rate has increased a lot. It however requires that at least two computer players have become very wealthy while I barely can cover the basic needs. Usually that scenario doesn't take place, and the combined value of land + crop for remaining rounds may be hard to match in selling price. By the way, does land value fluctuate with last sold plot or is it more of a fixed value? I never studied the detailed document posted before.


Another question to ask is if some of you are pranksters of the kind that would let out as many mules from the store as you can afford, in case you're a majority holder of smithore. I'm too honest for that, it even hurts me to take spoilage of food and energy in situations where the store is out of units but I can't offload all my surplus onto the opponents. I suppose playing a more cutthroat game may sometimes benefit the score. As you noticed, about 99 of 100 times I play alone against three computer players, so I have no other human players whose feelings may get hurt by the way I play the game.


Then again, one of the delights of this game is that despite a somewhat basic appearance, there are so many ways to play it and that a special skill has to be developed to learn how to change strategy mid-game when required.

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  • 1 month later...

Got one. Don't count it though. I was using the save state function on the emulator and reloading when I got pirates, planetquakes, store fires and acid rain to see how good a game was possible. This was one player. Note how they misspelled Luxurious.

Nice work :thumbsup: LuxurIOU! Sounds like you owe them the Crystite :D

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Perhaps one feature a remake could feature, without involving weapons, would be a fortune teller which for a given amount of money could foresee future events with a certain amount of probability. Although no one really can expect the Spanish Inquisition, it could be an interesting addition to the assaying for crystite, the wumpus hunting and all the various side tactics. If the fortune teller with 40% probability said there will be pirates within two months, would you sell your remaining crystite at $72 each?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Not entirely successful today. Perhaps I should blame it on spending too much time assaying plots instead of deploying them at mid-game, but then again when the computer player is producing 60+ units of crystite per round, there is not much stopping him once the pirates have gone home to watch TV.


Carlsson (Humanoid): 24075 pts

Colony total: 86365 pts


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