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Was Circus Charlie ever planned?


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Seems like the Ol' Stella might have had a shot at this one.


Was it ever on anyone's internal memos as a potential release?


Did a home version for ANY system exist?


I just had a strange desire to play a few rounds in MAME


And of course EVERY game I play I wonder what it would look like on the 2600

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Yes, it was planned for release by Parker Brothers and was confirmed to have been started at the very least. How far along it actually was is anyone's guess. The Commodore 64 version was actually completed, and was later released (by Konami) in 1987. This leads me to believe that the other versions were probably pretty far along when they were canceled.


As for other home versions, there was a version released for the MSX computers (which was converted to the ColecoVision by Eduardo Mello and released by Team Pixelboy) as well as a Famicom port released in Japan, but it never got a U.S. NES release.


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Is that an actual box from PB?


Well, it's a picture of an actual box from a press kit that Leonard Herman (rolenta) obtained at the 1983 CES. I don't have the actual box, and none have been found that I know of, if that's what you're asking.


According to the internal PB document attached below, it was supposed to be released in September of 1984. You will notice that "Q*bert II" (Q*bert's Qubes) is planned for release that same month. Like Circus Charlie, most of the Qubes ports were canceled when PB's video game division died an abrupt death, and the ones that did make it out the door (Atari 2600 & ColecoVision) had extremely limited distribution.


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About the box, I guess it was a two part question. Was it a "real" box or a repro and did you have it in your possession. Sounds like it was a real box but that's just a picture of it online and not one you took.


Also cool to see they had Mr. Do's Wild Ride on the list.


Would have been interesting to see what would have developed if the crash was pushed back another year.

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I love that game. Together with roadfighter one of my better game experiences from that period. The concept of circus charlie of packing mutlple mini-games in one game is great.


Your link contains some spaces. http://www.atarimani...rlie_20634.html

But no screenshots?, we should make it ourselves. This is my (broken, I don't know why I left it in this stage...) proof of concept of level 1. It is possible to display 2 fire-loops in the same screen by using wide sprite positioning. In the demo the loops break if you go too high, but that can be fixed.


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Personally I am under the belief that it was probably started, perhaps lost :_( I possess this belief for both Lord of the Rings and Ewok Adventure had boxes made and the roms were found pretty complete. If the time and trouble was made to produce the box I strongly believe that the game probably wasn't far behind it but that is just my belief. Everyone thought that Turbo had never been made and yet it one day finally surfaced so maybe the faithful will too be one day rewarded for their faith ;)

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