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Need help identifying an arcade game.


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I played an arcade game in the mid to late 80's that I really liked but I cannot remember the name. It was a flying game with a first person perspective and I believe a star wars type controller. It was not made by Atari. It had a a firing crosshair and if you locked on to a target with the cross hair you would fire a missle taking the target out for more points. I remember that when you locked on, a smaller picture of the target in a two color shadow effect appeared at the top of the screen with the point value. I remembered the enemies both ground and air targets to be varied and the backgrounds to be varied, flying over cities and airfields and targeting futuristic buildings. The graphics were somewhat pixellated but colorful. I believe you could not effect the speed or altitutde. It was basically a shooter without the vector graphics a la star wars but with more varied and wide open scenes. I just loved this game but I forgot the game with the passage of time. If I can have link to a screen shot I could identify it. I might be able to get mor specific if asked the right question.

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