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Lucky Wander Boy - A Novel

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D.B. Weiss's book, Lucky Wander Boy is thought to be the first English book about classic video games. It follows the consequences of a man's mounting obsession with classic video games in general, and the title game Lucky Wander Boy in particular.


Mr. Weiss has graciously submitted several excerpts and info about the book for The Atari Times. This might be one of the first steps towards bringing video game collecting into wide public acceptance! (Instead of being one of those things that only "nerds" do!) :D



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Penguin books has sent us two copies of Lucky Wander Boy for review purposes and possibly a giveaway. I will personally be reading and reviewing the book for our website, so look for a write-up soon. So far I like the book quite a bit.


Jarett Waite


Packrat Video Games

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I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second half.. by the end it was so far removed from what I had expected that I had a tough time finishing it. That being said, the parts that I did enjoy I enjoyed immensely.

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I've started reading the book now and so far I think it is great!


I have a stupid question though:


Lucky Wander Boy wasn't a REAL video game, was it?


I went into the book having read some synopses and I was certain it was a fictional game, but now that I've started reading the book and his Catalogue gives it the same treatment as the likes of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, I have started to wonder about it. (The fact that it is exceedingly rare, as described in the book, makes the possibility of its existence seem less ludicrous.)


So, am I, the words of Bugs Bunny, a gulli-bull, or what?

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