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Doom 2 homebrew?


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On 8/20/2021 at 11:35 AM, JagChris said:

Hmm ok I corresponded with a programmer who claims he worked for Sega and helped convert it but could have been a chain pull. 


Either way I'm guessing Christmas rush. It's a shame all around quite frankly. 

John Romeo talking about the 32X Port:



Sega sent an engineer over with a motherboard that was the prototype of the 32X. He laid it out on our pool table, hooked up a monitor to it, and we got to look at the code. Carmack got as much information out of him as he could give about the processor, and then gave the engineer suggestions to make the blitter [circuit or coprocessor that moves and processes data quickly] go a little faster.

That's how Sega got the 32X version running. It didn't have a very large [on-screen] view. It was very under-powered."






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Decades ago Songbird Productions was talking about making a Doom+ cart for the Jag.  I don't know what ever happened to that.  I think they were having trouble finding people to work on it.  If they make it I'll totally buy it!


Those who have Deathmatched on the Jag--I seem to recall that there is actually an Invisibility powerup in one level.  Can you confirm?

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