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Season 10 Round 2 - Tecmo Super Bowl


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Welcome to round 2 of the 10th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


I'm going back to 2-week rounds this season.


In celebration of the conference championship games this weekend, the Pro Bowl next weekend, and of course the mother of all football games the following weekend, we are going to play Tecmo Super Bowl.


This round ends on Monday, February 4, the day after the Super Bowl.


Title: Tecmo Super Bowl

Developer: Tecmo

Publisher: Tecmo

Released: December 1991 (US)




Rules: The objective for this round is to score as many points of offense as possible, while giving up the least number of points of defense. Your final score will therefore be calculated by taking the number of points that you scored and subtracting the number of points that the opponent scored.


Select "Preseason" as your game mode. You can of course choose any two teams that you wish.


Scores so far:


WispFollower 88

classicgamer_27330 72

cparsley 63

Chuck D. Head 55

asponge 53

roadrunner 49

Liduario 32

jblenkle 11

darthkur 6



Current standings:


WispFollower 9

Skosh 6

cparsley 3

Jibbajaba 1

asponge 1

roadrunner 1

classicgamer_27330 1

darthkur 1

asponge 1

jblenkle 1

Liduario 1

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Link to the rules http://en.wikipedia...._football_rules



quick answer, you got 4 downs to try to get a first down.

usually if you don't make a first down with the first 3 plays you will punt the ball to the other team.

if it's 4th and long and your close enough to try a field goal, kick a field goal.

a field goal is worth 3 points

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You have 4 tries (called "downs") to advance the ball 10 yards to the next first down marker. Every time you advance the ball, you start the next down at that spot. So on first down you have to go 10 yards. If you make 6 of them, then on second down you have 4 more yards to go. And so it goes. If you fail on the 4th down, the other team gets the ball at that exact spot. So on 4th down, you basically have three choices. You can "punt" the ball, where you kick it to the other team thus starting them off farther down the field (unless they can run the ball back successfully), if you're close enough you can try to kick a "field goal" which is worth three points, or you can "go for it", meaning that you are going to try and get to the first down marker (which you choose if you are already very close to it and feel that it is worth the risk, or are in a desperate situation where you have to get a first-down to stay in the game).



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WOW 72 points! nice :thumbsup:


I see most of us are playing as San Fran.


72 points is crazy awesome.


Funny, I was born and raised a 49er fan, so I didn't even notice that. I always play as them in any football game. It only looks weird to me when someone doesn't play as the Niners.



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