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anything like Euro Truck Simulator 2 for PS3?


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I've searched Google and everyone says "no" but I thought I'd ask here at AA if anyone knows of a sim game along the lines of Euro Truck Simulator 2? I mean, I know there's the 18 Wheeler series which did have a PS2 title and I'm getting the version for GameCube but I have really been enjoying how gorgeous Euro Truck Sim 2 looks on PC and I was wondering if anything like it ever came out for PS3 or might be ever released?


I would usually abandon any such hopes but then again there have been some awesome sims recently released (like Birds of Steel) so maybe there's hope?


Footage of Euro Truck Sim 2 .....



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Sadly there's no chance of such a thing on a console in the West. Even what we get that are commonly referenced as sim's usually are anything but (Even thing's like the Gran Turismo and Forza seriess are much better described with the unofficial term of "simcade"). Even Birds of Prey and Birds of Steel are very dumbed down compared to their PC heritage although they're certainly two of the most realistic game's you can find on a console today.


There are fun open world arcade racer's on console's that usually feature high end sportscars, arcade truck racer's like the two Sega game's you've already referenced, simcade's that include European semi truck circuit racing like the last gen TOCA game's, and the overlooked simcade take on European semi truck racing called Super Trucks Racing for the PS2 (A surprisingly nice game if you're willing to invest a bit of time to get used to the physics and unusual facets of the discipline like water cooling for your brakes).


About the closest I can think of off hand to what you want would be Tokyo Bus Guide for the Dreamcast.

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