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LCD TV Menu Improvement?


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Have I understood correctly when I'm reading that the menu isn't supposed to have striped, every second line (well, it seems to differ, sometimes between characters) characters like this:



Black stripes in characters are even more visible for real. I have only tried it on two CRT 16:9 100Hz NTSC compatible PAL TV:s so far, maybe I should check the normal PAL TV as well...

Frankly it's difficult to read some times.




Tried it on the plain 50Hz PAL (NTSC compatible) TV - no black stripes, damn these double scan TV:s, they suck for old time gaming.

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This is more like it, seems I need to move around a couple of TV:s.




Flickers a little, only the two select bars are stable - but much better than on the 100Hz TV:s that has a very stable image but striped text.


I've had problems with these TV:s on scrolling stuff with the C64 as well, it adds flicker that's not there.

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