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NOMAM 2013 (retro meeting with lot's of 8 bit Atari's)


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Hello guys (m/f)


The NOMAM 2013 will be held from the 5th until the 7th of April 2013. We start at 16:00 o'clock (4 PM for you West-of-the-Atlantic people) and end at 15:00 o'clock (3 PM) on sunday. Location will be the "Gemeindehaus" in the "Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche Kücknitz", Schlesienring 1, 23569 Lübeck. Mark this date in your calendar!


Read more about the NOMAM (and the Fujiama and the H.A.T.Z.) on my meetings page.





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Only one week to go until NOMAM starts.

NOMAM is a cute little atari convention with ca. 30 people.


Two years ago we made a little contest: Write a 10 rows BASIC program. All BASIC dialects were allowed and all sorts of programs were allowed. Winner was thorsten_guenther with a snake clone and second sleepy with a turbo basic demo. Further we had contributions from dl7ukk, skr, u0679 and me (umh, all novice programmers :P )


This year we want to make again one contest. And we want you to be able to take part. If you want to share the fun just join.

The rules are slightly changed compared to 2011.


- 10 rows Atari Basic code

- it has to be a game

- free input device (Joystick, Paddle, Keyboard,...)

- abbreviations in the code are allowed, eg. DR. for DRAWTO (for extending the max. length of the logical row)

- loading of datas or files are not allowed

- calling machine programs are not allowed (e.g. X=USR(1536))

- poking for pm graphics or changing the DL are allowed, also poking for disabling break etc.

- Deadline: Saturday, 6. April, 23.00 Uhr (CET - central european time)

- Voting: Saturday, 6. April, 23.30 Uhr, Presentation ceremony: Sunday, 7. April, 0.00 Uhr (CET)

- voting only allowed for visitors

- remote entries allowed, so far delivered until Saturday 23.00 Uhr to GKANOLD-att-GMAIL-dott-COM

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10 CLR :GRAPHICS 18:FOR I=1 TO 255:SOUND 0,I,8,2:NEXT I:SOUND 0,0,0,0
20 POSITION 18,2:? #6,"SNAKE":POSITION 14,5:? #6,"press triggers": IF ((STRIG(0)>0) OR (STRIG(1)>0)) THEN GOTO 20
30 GRAPHICS 21:OPEN #1,12,5,"S:":X1=19:X2=59:Y1=23:Y2=23:D1=7: D2=11:COLOR 3:PLOT 0,0:DRAWTO 79,0:DRAWTO 79,47:DRAWTO 0,47:DRAWTO 0,0
40 COLOR 1:PLOT X1,Y1:S1=STICK(0):IF ((S1=13) OR (S1=14) OR (S1=7) OR (S1=11)) THEN D1=S1
50 X1=X1-(D1=11)+(D1=7):Y1=Y1-(D1=14)+(D1=13):POSITION X1,Y1:GET #1,C1:IF C1>0 THEN P2=P2+1:CLOSE #1:GOTO 30+((P2>9)*60)
60 COLOR 2:PLOT X2,Y2:S2=STICK(1):IF ((S2=13) OR (S2=14) OR (S2=7) OR (S2=11)) THEN D2=S2
70 X2=X2-(D2=11)+(D2=7):Y2=Y2-(D2=14)+(D2=13):POSITION X2,Y2:GET #1,C2:IF C2>0 THEN P1=P1+1:CLOSE #1:GOTO 30+((P1>9)*70)
80 GOTO 40
90 FOR I=1 TO 255:SOUND 0,255-I,10,2:NEXT I:SOUND 0,0,0,0
100 GRAPHICS 18:POSITION 5,3:? #6;"GAME OVER":POSITION 4,5:? #6;"PLAYER 1  ";P1:POSITION 4,7:? #6;"player #  ";P2:FOR I=1 TO 5000:NEXT I:GOTO 10


This was the winner program of 2011 from thorsten guenther.

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