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Should the high score delete be seperate from the save game delete or are they one in the same?


That is a good question. On Zaxxon the Super Game using the original Coleco disk, if my memory is correct there was not away to delete a saved game with a code, but instead the only way to erase it was to play another game and then save the new game to disk. If my memory is correct Zaxxon the Super Game only allowed for one game to be saved at a time. It’s my understanding that the 989 code was for only erasing the Hall of Fame screen on some or all Coleco Adam Supergames.


When making a new game image on the Super Game Cartridge it will be up to the programmer if there will be two separate codes. For example the 989 code could be used to erase the Hall of Fame screen and another code on the game save screen could be used to erase the saved game if the designer of the videogame did not want to use code 989.


Perhaps a master code like “12345#” could be used to erase the entire save memory area of the Super Game Cartridge for those that want a complete factory reset of the cartridge EEPROM memory.

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Saving depends on the game. Ghostbusters offers 3 save slots (bank accounts). Goonies offers a single slot, and I let you select the start stage (of course you need to finish stage 1 before you are offered the option to start from stage 2 and so on). Knightmare saves how far you have gone, so warp points are offered from the beginning of each play session. Other than that all games save high scores.

No codes needed for erasing saved stuff, as that is beyond primitive for today standards. Instead you get a menu driven save management screen during boot up.

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So if someone was porting over an old 1983-1985 Coleco Adam Supergame to the Super Game Cartridge they would just use the original 989 code for erasing the Hall of Fame screen.


However OpCode made an excellent point that on newer or modern videogames for other systems, a menu driven save management screen is used. A videogame developer could also create a Super Game Cartridge with menu driven option to erase everything or select items in the save memory area. With up to 8MB of space the Super Game Cartridge allows for so must more room for graphics, sound, and menu screen data.


The designer of the new videogames will be the ones that choose how the saved memory area is erased. A menu driven screen would be fine for me. Zaxxon the Supergame used a menu for the saved game option and other Coleco Adam games did also. It was only the 989 code that was used for erasing some or all of the Coleco Adam Sueprgame Hall of Fame screen.

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