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Season 10 Round 3 - Marble Madness


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Cool TV! :)


On that last part of the Ultimate Race, on the big/fat disappearing platforms, I use my speed boost. Just sit tight and get ready to move with the pattern. As far as the thinner platforms that wrap around more, I don't use my speed boost. I time it just right to where I roll onto the platforms right as they appear, and I don't stop when I roll around their corners/turns.

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Congrats to darthkur! I will PM you for your address to I can get your prize to you. Here's the results along with updated standings:


darthkur 113,240 +9

Austin 110,980 +6

JacobZu7zu7 103,050 +3

Chuck D. Head 84,880 +1

Skosh 76,680 +1

WispFollower 55,150 +1

asponge 46,990 +1

jblenkle 36,690 +1

classicgamer_27330 22,360 +1

roadrunner 18,950 +1


1. WispFollower 19

2.darthkur 11

3(t). classicgamer_27330 8

3(t). Skosh 8

5(t). Austin 6

5(t). cparsley 6

7(t). JacobZu7zu7 3

7(t). asponge 3

7(t).roadrunner 3

7(t).jblenkle 3

11(t).Liduario 2

11(t). Chuck D. Head 2

13(t).Jibbajaba 1

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