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Bally Astrocade manuals value?


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So I recently picked up a lot of manual goodness which included some Bally Astrocade manuals. I know little to nothing about the console, but was wondering (hoping) if I might have landed a few rare ones. I'm sure they are all worth like a buck apiece at best, but you never know. Maybe I have the Bally equivalent of Fathom's manual and don't know it :grin: So if anyone sees anything rare, let me know.


Owner's Manual for the Console

Bally BASIC 6004

Amazing Maze/TIC-TAC-Toe 5001

Artillery Duel 5005

Astro Battle 2009

Astrocade PInball 3005

Biorhythm 4004

Brickyard/Clowns 2004

Pirate's Chase 2015

Seawolf/Missle 2002


Again, these are just manuals. Thanks,

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Astrocade Pinball is pretty rare.

I wouldn't say it was like Fathom, but Astrocade Pinball is pretty rare. It is the same thing as Bally Pin, but the name had to be changed after Astrovision/Astrocade lost the rights to use the Bally name. Artillery Duel is the only other one that is even uncommon.

Were you the one who topped me on ebay for the "Lot of manuals"? I saw several Astrocade manuals mixed in, but was interested in the Intelly Jetsons manual primarily. I wanted to bid higher, but the seller seemed sketchy and I was afraid that the stack shown wouldn't be the stack received.


Yeah, I won it :) It actually turned out pretty well and I got some neat goodies in the mix. I asked the seller to pack in a Ziploc bag and I got them wrapped in a plastic grocery bag tied at the top and placed in a cardboard mailing envelope. Everything arrived safely, though. Here are some pics:



Coleco Odyssey INTV

Bally Astrocade


Then at the bottom of the pile, I find these:





I think I did OK for spending $25.

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