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Anyone know if Spike's Circus (Vectrex) still available?


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I am considering (finally) getting Spike's Circus for my Vectrex but I know the game came out ages ago and when I emailed the Vectorzoa website just to confirm I can still buy it I never got a reply. It's only been three days but it's got me thinking I should hold off placing an order until I hear back.


Does anyone know if Spike's Circus is currently available to buy? I see only one or two reviews online about it and zero footage on YouTube so part of me is concerned about putting my money out there without any replies.

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I made an inquiry of my own with Vecorzoa about this game, MANY MONTHS AGO. I never got a reply.


I am fairly confident saying that this game is no longer available. Besides my unanswered inquiry, I seem to also remember navigating on his site and finding a list of buyers for Spike's Circus. I think it was a set number of copies that he produced and that every copy is accounted for, with a list of the individual buyers published on his site.


I think it may even be the case that Vectorzoa is done selling Vectrex games altogether. His site has not been updated in a long time.


I haven't heard much of anything about Spike's Circus from people who own it. It does look like an awesome game though.

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