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Complete collection of CFG files to use with roms on jzintv

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After reading this message from Joe, I decided to make this thread.




Games require a .CFG file if they are not a subset of the "Standard Mattel

16K Configuration." That configuration is, in terms of a .CFG file:




$0000 - $1FFF = $5000 ; First 8K to $5000 - $6FFF

$2000 - $2FFF = $D000 ; Next 8K at $D000 - $DFFF

$3000 - $3FFF = $F000 ; Last 8K at $F000 - $FFFF



Why this map? Don't ask me -- this seemed to be the default behavior

of INTVPC, and I copied it. It *is* a reasonable default, seeing as

most of the Mattel games up through the end of 1982 and most (all?) of

1983 fit this default config.


So, most 4K, 8K and early 16K games fit this map, and so they should

work without a configuration file. It's mostly 3rd party games

(Imagic, Atarisoft mainly) and the later, more aggressive 20K, 24K and

later INTV releases that need configuration files. Also, games w/ extra

RAM (Chess, Land Battle, Triple Challenge) need a configuration file.



I don't have a large catalog of which games need what configs. I *do*

have a summary file I put together too long ago:


0: 5000-6FFF, D000-DFFF, F000-FFFF ; Mattel default, up to 16K

1: 6000-7FFF ; Atarisoft 8K

2: 5000-7FFF ; Atarisoft / Sega 12K

3: 5000-6FFF, D000-EFFF, F000-FFFF ; Wrld Srs Mjr League Baseball.

4: 4800-67FF ; Imagic 8K

5: 5000-6FFF, 9000-BFFF, D000-DFFF ; INTV up to 24K ??

6: 5000-6FFF, 9000-AFFF, D000-DFFF, F000-FFFF ; Alt. INTV up to 24K ??

7: 5000-6FFF, D000-EFFF ; Nice Ideas up to 16K

8: 5000-6FFF, RAM8=D000-D3FF ; Mattel 1K RAM. (Chess, LndBtl)



Note that the WSMLB map above lacks the extra paged memory detail.


Another note: The "K" sizes for the games are in terms of "K words".

A 16K game will have a .BIN file that's 32768 bytes long.


I hope all this helps.


BTW, recent versions of jzIntv recognize ".int" as a synonym for ".bin",

and will look for a corresponding ".cfg" and load it if it exists.





Source: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/intvprog/message/3478

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With all this information, I've came to show you my ... ... interest in a complete cfg files collection :-D

Sorry to post only to ask things instead of sharing programming skills. But I think that would be a good help and that message from Joe seems to be a good starting point and I thought it should be here.

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Awhile back I posted a Google Docs spreadsheet that mapped all the games onto these 9 or so configs, and even posted that info here to AA. Was there something missing in this thread?



Thank you very much!


It's working! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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