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Simpsons for the Lynx?

Curt Vendel

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Going through some Syquest backups from Atari developer systems (hey, gotta keep busy sitting on the couch healing from my heart op) so while going through I found folder with Shanghai and some other rom's and among them was a 256k file size rom named Simpsons.rom


Now I know a music demo was released a long while back, I haven't tested this image, so this may be the same thing or it may be an actual game, I'll leave it to you lynx lovers to test it out and post info about the file, hope its a new game everyone can enjoy...







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First off, glad your recovery is going well :)


Thanks for posting. I'm not too familiar with the Lynx or the other Simpsons music demo, but I thought I may as well post these screenshots. It seems to be a vocal sample player. I had to add a 64 byte header to run it in Handy, so I just copied and pasted one from another 256K game. Worked great.







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