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Season 10 Round 4 - Elevator Action


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Welcome to round 4 of the 10th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


I'm going back to 2-week rounds this season.


This round we are going to play Elevator Action.




PressureCooker2600 has agreed to donate a copy of WWF Wrestlemania for the NES to the winner of this round. In exchange, he picked this round's game.


This round ends on Monday, March 4th.


Title: Elevator Action

Developer: Micronics

Publisher: Taito

Released: August 1987 (US)






Scores so far:


cparsley 26,950

darthkur 24,750

Mangia-Boy 16,300

roadrunner 14,850


Current standings:


1. WispFollower 19

2.darthkur 11

3(t). classicgamer_27330 8

3(t). Skosh 8

5(t). Austin 6

5(t). cparsley 6

7(t). JacobZu7zu7 3

7(t). asponge 3

7(t).roadrunner 3

7(t).jblenkle 3

11(t).Liduario 2

11(t). Chuck D. Head 2

13(t).Jibbajaba 1

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Today is the last day for this game. PressureCooker2600 fell off the grid, so I don't think anyone is getting a copy of WWF Wrestlemania. I've gone into my trade box and pulled out three items (all arguably better than Wrestlemania) for the winner of this round to choose from. They are:


Inside Super Mario Bros. 2 parts 1&2. These were bundled with Nintendo Power two consecutive months and look like slightly smaller magazines. They come in poly bags with backing boards.


Official Nintendo Game Boy Players Guide.


New International Track & Field for the Nintendo DS. CIB and only played a few times.


The winner gets to choose one of these three fabulous prize packages.



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cparsley 34,550 +9

skosh 33,600 +6

WispFollower 33,500 +3

darthkur 30,400 +1

Mangia-Boy 16,300 +1

roadrunner 14,850 +1

wolfman24 14,500 +1

classicgamer_27330 6,650 +1

asponge 5,800 +1


Congrats to cparsley! He gets to pick one of the three items from this week's prize pool. The item he picks will be replaced with a new one, and the winner of the next round will again get to pick from the three. I plan to keep doing this ad infinitum until I run out of prizes.




The two SMB2 magazines count as 1 item. Also available are the Game Boy Player's Guide and New International Track & Field for the Nintendo DS.



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