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What is 'TRON: Complete'?


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Hi Rev! I would love 2 of these 1 for me and 1 for a friend. About to post my 125 on your site I am 3 games short but am working on getting that down to 1. and yes, I already have Skiker complete I am just collecting the ECS games after the fact. Thanks, Dale

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why would there be any hate? I posted this thread all over facebook at one point, on my site, and plus this thread has been open for how many months?


Seriously, im not going to beg people.


Ill probably have a few extras anyway. Maybe......

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Why dont you check it yourself? ;) But I am a really nice guy: Yea, you added your name, just look to post # 247.


Is there any "official" List? Its okay if not, because I guess everyone knows if he added his name or not (I did in post #181 :) ), but I wonder if there will be a list of buyers anywhere. What I like to know: How many people are on the list?

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