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What is 'TRON: Complete'?


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Maybe Micky was kidding but I'm looking at my limited edition Tron action figure that was included in my Super Deluxe edition and it's fantast.....wait a second, is that a bloody Hello Kitty doll that Rev has coloured with felt pens to look like Tron? Damn it! Rev, you and your Hello Kitty obsession is out of control! :)

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Was the cover artwork done in crayon? My theory is Rev will have his kids make them, in his basement sweatshop = profit?

Upon closer inspection, that does, in fact, appear to have been the case. All in the name of his Hello Kitty Dance Dance Revolution obsession. Unbelievable.

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Some things should not exist, I think that is one of them. I have the greatest respect for the Japanese, but it has always seemed that is one strangely pervy country. Good thing my kids are past the Hello Kitty stage, so I don't have to explain why going forward I will now laugh hysterically any time I see a Kitty logo!

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