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What is 'TRON: Complete'?


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There needs to be a clone of the Tron Arcade game for the Intellivision. It's interesting that this was never done by any system back in the day...

Tron Arcade: More like just impractical given stock controllers.



Discs of Tron is worse, the spinner is also pull up/push down and an extra deflect thumb button on the front of the joystick.



Yes, 5200/Intellivision/7800/ColecoVision give more buttons, but there is a certain ergonomic factor necessary to make it fun vs being just being able to replicate the number of functions.


Take the tanks level.

Intellivision controller:Cant use keypad and disk at the same time (see: Tron Deadly Discs)

Move the tank with the disc, rotate the turret with the bottom buttons, fire with the top. Sounds do able, murder on the hand.


Disc of Tron

Now add the up down function of Discs of Tron's spinner to change targeting level, and another button for the block function and you might be better off disigning for holding two controllers at once...or not...

There is a thread discussion it in length somewhere

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Nurmix made a dual controller.



I used Nurmix's dual controller to break the 1 million points barrier in Tron Deadly Discs last year during the HSC ;)


This was my best ever score at almost 1.5 million points. The controller proved to be very useful to survive the waves of orange warriors that start appearing once the 1 million points barrier is breached.


The "dual-end" of the controller is connected to both controller ports of the INTV 2 console as seen in the bottom of the picture.



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