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sdk1600's imvtogif

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Yeah, I currently don't have a scaled mode for that tool.


If you wanted to hack something in yourself, you could do the fat-bits compensation in a couple places in util/imvtogif.c:


   ret = gif_start(&gif, fo, movie.x_dim, movie.y_dim, map_palette, n_cols,1);


Change "movie.x_dim" to "movie.x_dim * 2".




   ret = gif_wr_frame_m(&gif, prev, delay, mode);


Instead of coding directly from the buffer 'prev', create a new buffer (I'll call it 'scaled') and encode from there. Declare it as 'uint_8 scaled[MVI_MAX_X * MVI_MAX_Y * 2];' You don't want to disturb 'prev', as it gets used along with 'curr' for time-delta detection, as I recall. So, something like this works as a cheap hack:


   for (i = 0; i < movie.x_dim * movie.y_dim; i++)
       scaled[ i*2 + 0 ] = scaled[ i*2 + 1 ] = prev[i];

   ret = gif_wr_frame_m(&gif, scaled, delay, mode);


At least, I think that works. Completely untested. And, in fact, the computer I use to build the Windows builds of my code has died, so I can't even build a Windows binary for y'all to test if you're on Windows.

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