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Season 10 Round 5 - Rad Racer


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Welcome to round 5 of the 10th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


I'm going back to 2-week rounds this season.


This round we are going to play Rad Racer. Did you know that Rad Racer was designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and scored by Nobuo Uematsu, both of Final Fantasy fame, and was coded by Sirius Software (of Apple II fame) founder Nasir Gebelli?




From here on out, I am going to post a "prize pool" each week consisting of 3 prizes. That round's winner will get to choose from the three items, and a new item will be added. People are welcome to donate any Nintendo-related items to be used in the pool. Doing so will allow you to pick a game to be played. This week's rize pool will be posted once cparsley picks his prize for the last round.


This round ends on Monday, March 18th.


Title: Rad Racer

Developer: Square

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: October 1987 (US)






Pick either car.


Scores so far:


Current standings:


1. WispFollower 22

2. cparsley 15

3.darthkur 12

4. classicgamer_27330 9

5. Austin 6

6(t). asponge 4

6(t).roadrunner 4

8(t).jblenkle 3

8(t). JacobZu7zu7 3

10(t).Liduario 2

10(t). Chuck D. Head 2

12(t). Jibbajaba 1

12(t). Mangia-Boy 1

12(t). Wolfman24 1

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