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Sold: Sega Master System with 33 games, includes 3D glasses and gun

Robert M

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Okay, I am selling a Sega Master System lot. It has 33 games, the TV hook up, power supply, 3 controllers, the 3D glasses, and the light gun. All are in great shape. I just cleaned the 3 controllers and they are smooth and responsive. All 33 games are in the box. 27 of them have instructions. The other 6 are cartridge in box only. A couple boxes have catalog/posters in them.


NOTE: The 3D glases and the especially the light gun require a CRT television to work. The light gun can not work with a LCD display. The 3D glasses might work with a LCD TV, but it depends how it buffers the frames.


The image below shows what you will get. I am willing to answer any questions. This is all working great. I had a good time playtesting everything before offering it for sale.


I am asking $179 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.. If a buyer wants to ship it out of the U.S. I will need to look into shipping and insurance costs


I came up with the asking price by taking the CIB prices off rarityguide.com and averaged them with the last week eBay prices from videogames.pricecharting.com. I then divided that average price in half and added $20 for shipping. I am open to hearing offers. I am looking to sell the whole package together. If there are no overall takers I will be willing to sell it in parts. Thanks for looking.


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